Education for AAPtards, the "Cool Dudes" supporting Arvind Farziwal.
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For those, who don’t know what is communal violence bill, it is directed to punish the offenses done or anticipated against a group which essentially comprises of a religious or linguistic minority and Scheduled Castes and tribes (Sec 1 (e)). Nobody else is given protection. If in certain area, Hindu population is minority and attack is targeted against them or where the minorities themselves start organized attacks and riots, this law wont help to Hindus. Such is the viciousness of the draft bill. Read more here. 

Communal violence bill is totally against Uniform Civil Code which administers the same set of secular civil laws to govern all people irrespective of their religion, caste and tribe, and is directed many times by Supreme Court of India.

Lets see what aaptard Shazia Ilmi has to say on Communal Violence Bill. On January 9, 2012, Shazia Ilmi had tweeted that she clearly supports Communal Violence Bill and she is not ‘kanfused’. And the aaptards, chamchas are retweeting it.

Haha, later on November 26, 2012, just take a look what she says,

Now who is ‘kanfused’? And by the way, had Shazia Ilmi supported the communal violence bill earlier without reading? If you are thinking Shazia Ilmi is right, and I am either Congress or BJP agent, then you are truly an “aaptard”. 

Maulana Arvind Kejriwal, who says that he will himself answer to his Aam Aadmis, never gives a clear statement on Communal Violence bill. Because, if he does so, then he will lose either minority vote bank or the majority vote bank. Now who is playing communal card in politics?